The Blank Canvas

160118 blank-canvasThe Blank Canvas inspires one to explore the depths of call to the edges of their own personal journey

Driving back from holiday an impression of a blank canvas was reveled to me. I was invited to paint. Holding my palette of colours, I sat staring at the white, untouched canvas. But, nothing happened.

Until I put brush strokes on the canvas I would be unable to move forward and allow God’s plan to unfold.

As the blank canvas awaited my first stroke, my mind’s eye foresaw inspired colours covering the canvas.

Picking up my brush, I anxiously paused. Feelings of failure consumed me. What if I couldn’t make something beautiful of my life? Ashamedly, as I lowered my brush, I whispered, “I do not know where to start. I realised that this step in faith was going to be a whole lot harder than I ever imagined or envisioned.

Then, I heard a calming voice say, “That’s not what I want from you.” God impressed upon me in that moment something I’ll never forget. Right then, an overwhelming peace flooded my soul. As long as God is my focus, I can’t make my life anything that He won’t consider a beautiful work of art.

The canvas is about passion – the colours represent the passionate areas in my life. The colours would ultimately cover the entire canvas and allow my passion areas to overarch and intersect all areas of my ministry.

As I head into this new season, may I be willing to take up that brush, be willing to take risks, to try new things and learn from those who know the importance living out their passion.

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