There was a place that God was moving us to.  It is a place we had not been before.  It is greater than former days.  It is more than a refreshing; it is a place where there are true changes. Humbled before the Lord I began to regain my spiritual balance and perspective. Through God’s counsel and wisdom, it enabled me to consider the destiny before me, and not the circumstances around me. This fresh oil (anointing) gave me the ability to move on with God and walk in the new wine of His Spirit. It was a newness that could not continue in the old form.

Almost immediately after receiving the promise from God we entered an appointed season of breakthrough.

I tell you the awaited breakthrough is here.” The Word of God declares that everything has a time and a season and this is the season from breaking out of the old and into the new regions/areas and blessing that God has for us. Only the anointing of the breaker has the power to propel us out of our current season into the new of God. When you hit a breakthrough, steward it with a humble heart, with purity, with gladness, giving all the glory to God, and you will see another wave, and another wave that will increase your sphere of influence and effectiveness for the Kingdom. “My commanded love for the ‘suddenly’ of God is released upon such faithful stewards.”

At the time a picture of a cloud was revealed to us. In the middle of a large dark grey cloud the Cloudsun was shinning through in a perfect circle. The cloud was very defined with bright yellow lining. Sunrays shone from the top of the cloud on the blue sky. The sun was breaking through the cloud. I sensed God say; I am breaking through. Some time later a grey cloud appeared again, but this time there was a ring of fire in the middle of the cloud. Sunrays shone through like pillars. We sensed that this signaled the beginning of the breakthrough anointing as God’s deliverance is manifested in His redeeming glory. ‘Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.’ Isaiah 58:8

Following this this vision was the following promise given to me by the Lord:

“There is a particular work that the Lord wants to do through you. You must now go to God in humility and with an open mind because what the Lord wants to accomplish through you is uncommon and not what you are used to. Come out from among them and be separated so that I can speak to you, says Lord. You will be divinely led to begin a different type of ministry.”

It was a call to a different type of ministry. In my next blog I look at a how I had to position myself while God was stirring my heart

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