Position Myself


Before I was is able to step into my calling, I had to position myself while God was stirring my hearts. I had to step out into His destiny for me before I could receive what God has for me. I had to step into the specific assignment that God has called me to

I felt the Lord saying, “There is a transition, I am bringing you into another level, but you need to get hungry, even desperate. You are just not hungry enough, nor desperate enough. I want you to want ME more than anything.”

This word was confirmed as I read the following from The Word for Today: ‘There are things God has planned to do, made provision for and desires to do – but He won’t until you ‘get into place’ where you can receive what He longs to give him. The blessing is there, safe in God’s keeping. But the blessing can’t come until your heart is in the right place for God to act. You need to pause, look up, and ask, ‘Lord, are You waiting for me to get into place?’ What does He want you to have? Not a mist, but a downpour! He’s willing and ‘able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us’ (Ephesians 3:20 NKJV). But first he must ‘get into place.’

Through all of this God was breaking and preparing my heart to leave a public ministry of preaching. My ministry may not take the form of my previous desire to preach, but I want to be in ministry where a rejected and broken former preacher gave himself to ministry that would influence the Kingdom of God today – a private ministry of prayer. This may call for a life of isolation from the Christian public for the ministry that the Lord wants to accomplish through me, uncommon and not what I was used to.  I sensed I was being released and placed into position to go forth in my true calling.

I felt that I had to take the time to understand the magnitude of this call upon my life.

The presence of God began to shine upon myself and gradually I was being restored to God’s presence. There was a fresh and new hunger to live in the presence of God and a yearning to know the Father heart of God in an intimate way. The never ending passionate pursuit of the presence of God had been restored.

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