Becoming a Servant

As I reflected on this incredible challenge before me, I had no idea what special work God had for me. However the seeds of future change had been planted and I wondered, “What is God really trying to say to me?” The answer was immediate, “You have been called to be their servant.” But there was more, the Lord continued, “I have led you to this point – All I ask of you is that you be a servant of what I [God] am doing.”

It was abundantly clear that I was to focus all my attention on the important assignment of becoming a servant of the Most High God.


The Lord then gave me this promise: “This is my personal mandate for you and I will use you to partner Heaven being opened and earth invaded through your new anointing of my presence and power that will pour out my Holy Spirit in a new reality of Kingdom ministry. This has already started to happen but you need to wait for my full release.”

A new level of trust and faith is growing under the power of the Holy Spirit. My worldview, once again expanded saw that Heaven’s agenda and resources are designed for global impact and that I had been called to serve as a partner in the global picture. The Gospel, the Church and the Kingdom of God are global realities and each component would be integral in living out God’s call on my life.

Certain I had heard the Lord correctly, I did not know where to begin

I sensed that I had to wait on the Lord for He would provide. It became evident that only as I was prepared to live under the shadow of Calvary, ever contemplating the humility and brokenness of the Lord Jesus, that I would be willing for a position of His servant.

Humility is the place where all Christian service begins and so in humility and with an open mind I sought the Lord. It is only through humility, sincerity, and service to others that my greatest contributions are to be made.

The secret I was discovering in following God’s will is that I must reject the good for God’s best.

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