Catalyst for Change


Recently, the Lord spoke one word to me:  KAIROS!” Kairos refers to an appointed or set time or season.

He continued “I desire to effect change at the appointed times and seasons in your life.” The seeds of future change had been planted and this corresponded with a SHIFT. SHIFT is an acronym – Sacrifice, Humility, Integrity, Faith and Trust – I developed for this Kairos season.

As the SHIFT process began to occupy my thinking, I sensed the Lord challenged me further: “In response to the great challenges of our time, God is calling his servant to act as catalysts in mobilising the whole body of Christ to bless the nations through the transformation of individuals and communities.” I began to explore the prompting of being a catalyst for Godly change.

The Bible revealed that when a Kairos season comes upon His servant, there will be divine acceleration. Divine acceleration is the supernatural ability of God applied to our life, our ministry, our time and our circumstances, to bring His plans to pass at a much faster rate than is humanly possible. The Holy Spirit mobilises us towards our God-given assignment, He releases the necessary grace, authority, power and wisdom in us to consolidate and implement vision and follow through to completion.

The Holy Spirit was not only dwelling in me but he rested upon me empowering me to be that catalyst to build and plant according to God’s will.

Change was not only a part of life, it was now a necessary part of God’s strategy for my life. God was altering my assignment as I was to discover.


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