Restoration of God’s presence

Here I am to Worship Background Slide

If we have spent any time walking with the Lord, there is bound to be a time when we get caught up in the world and tend to lose focus. For many our focus turns to ourselves and miss what God has planned for our life.

Thanks to God, and not to ourselves, He is all about rescue, restoration, and renewal. He wants a close relationship with us, so when we stray, God pulls us back to Him through the Holy Spirit

It was during my walking with the Lord that I sensed that I needed to allow God to perfect the work that began with my salvation. It was a time for restoration of God’s presence in my life.

This was a new revelation, a new feeling, a process unfolding of His tangible presence being an inner reality. It was a feeling that I had not experienced before. It was about the love that Jesus manifested during His ministry on earth. A love that came out of a deep intimacy of time that Jesus spent in the presence of God.

I knew I was entering a season where I had to become hungry and thirsty for more of Jesus, A cry of desperation came from my soul for more of God’s presence in my life. I wanted to treasure the manifest presence of God.

The question I asked myself was two-fold: Am I hungry enough to pursue God’s presence? Am I desperate enough for God to transform me? As I pondered this, I felt the Lord saying, ‘There is a transition, I am bringing you to another level. You have growing pains – but you need to get hungry, even desperate. You’re just not hungry enough, desperate enough. I want you to want me more than anything.’

Humbled I knew that only the presence of God could bring this transformation and I had to get on the altar of prayer to contend for His presence, thus becoming kindling for His fire.

There is a cost to seeking God’s presence. It will take diligence and time.

Was I willing to make the sacrifice, to pay the price?

With His gentle prompting in my spirit I whispered:

Here I am waiting, abide in me, I pray
Here I am longing for You
Hide me in Your love, bring me to my knees
May I know Jesus more and more


I knew the restoration of the tangible presence of God was becoming a fresh inner reality.

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