A never ending passionate adventure

Red Beach

As I sit to begin this blog, a question comes to me: What is an adventure?

Well, adventure comes from the Latin word advenire, which means “to happen” “to come”. It is something that happens everyday. It is what comes when we open the door.

Nearly 20 years ago a door opened, a kairos moment you might say, which has led me on the most exciting adventure of discovery into a daily intimate relationship with Jesus, an adventure that continues unabated since that moment.

I invite you to share in my insights from this never ending passionate adventure to know God more intimately.

It started one day while I was alone, spending time with God, I heard a voice say, ‘I want you to pray more.’ Initially I reacted, in protest, because my prayer life had been progressively developing using the tabernacle prayer model as my guide. I enjoyed entering the Holy of Holies and experiencing His shekinah glory.

But God was asking for more. He wanted me to have a prayer room that would become the sanctuary where I would meet with God daily. Over the years the prayer room and location has changed. It has been a church mercy seat (altar), a boardroom, a kitchen table, a church office and/or a bedroom. But all these places became the perfect place for God to cultivate a transformational relationship with Him.

What I was beholding of God’s heart I was becoming. I discovered who I was in Christ, my worth and my destiny by encountering His heart for me in the prayer room.

The adventure has been characterised by intentionally, intimacy, purity and stillness.

First, I was called to the discipline of meeting God at the beginning of each new day. This has meant times of walking through rain, snow, and storms to get to my prayer room. Faithfully for all these years I can testify that I have not missed a morning appointment with God. ‘Begin the day with God, to offer sacrifice anew. Myself, my time, my service give, the whole day through’ sustained my intentionally.

Second, intimacy. As I prayerfully spent time in adoration, His person and His work, I grew in intimacy. This was a time of drinking in of the beauty of Christ just as we would behold a beautiful landscape. My attention and affection was fixed upon Christ. I listen carefully – I hear – I behold – I gaze in stillness upon Christ and are transformed into His likeness. Jesus becomes my focal point each day.

Third, purity. God used the prayer room to sanctify and cleanse me and fill me with His glory. In the prayer room I learnt to abide by dialoging with God and listening to the Holy Spirit actively within me as He gives wisdom, direction, and empowers me to live the Christian life. Holy living is my daily focus and I am continually developing a heart relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Fourth, stillness. For me the most profound ongoing learning is being still in the presence of God. Rather than filling my time before God with all sorts of words I lay at God’s feet, sometimes listening to music, but more often than not in the quiet and peace of the moment. I learnt the value of just being still before God, and the most amazing things happen. In those still moments it becomes so much easier to hear God. In those moments I am changed. Something real and significant takes place in my soul. I can’t always put my finger on it, but neither can I deny it.

Without the intimate and quiet times alone with Jesus, the secrets of the kingdom of Heaven remain a mystery. The never ending passionate adventure is something that happens for me everyday, and better still, every “tomorrow.”

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