Trevail in prayer

Prayer for me is normally a very joyful experience, but there are times when I agonize and travail for God’s purposes to come to pass in people’s lives or situations. These are seasons when the Holy Spirit burdens me over a situation, and I begin to travail in prayer of a very deep and intensive nature in order to bring the purpose to birth.

In this blog I invite you to share in my insights I have learned from travailing in prayer.


God is looking for people with whom He can share His heart. 

God has laid dreams, purposes, and destiny on our hearts. He has a global plan, and we are all part of it. Travail is God’s invitation to participate with Him in birthing a new season. When a spirit of travail comes upon me, it totally bypasses my mind and intellect. It is as if God pours into his willing partner his own emotions about an issue so I can become a point of contact on the earth for God’s will to be worked through. ’Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’ Matthew 6:10

God does hear the travailing prayers of His people.

When we listen carefully and gain understanding as we read His Word, we receive His heart to pray His purposes in travailing prayer. Through travail He creates an opening that has been closed. This opening provides the way for the birthing of God’s purposes and plans.

I wrestle in prayer to see God’s plans birthed here on earth. I agonize to see God move in certain situations, which could include:

  • The soul of an individual, maybe one we don’t even know.
  • A particular people group – perhaps the evangelization of a country currently closed to the gospel.
  • Healing for a loved one
  • A breakthrough season or
  • Breaking strongholds.

Travail is by nature prayer outside our own realm of needs. Travail is for the benefit of others, sort of standing in the gap for someone or something. With travail, there is always a way opened for life, newness, change, or growth.

Such strenuous prayer calls for perseverance. 

Perhaps one reason that few wrestle in today is through the lack of understanding of the strenuous demands of perseverance required to travail. I would have to include myself in here, because at times I lack the perseverance required.

Wrestling in prayer enlists all the capacities of my soul, marshals my deepest holy desire, and by the grace of God uses all the perseverance of sheer determination. I push through a host of difficulties. I push back the heavy, threatening clouds of darkness. With all my strength I strive to reach beyond the visible and natural to the very throne of God.

By revelation, I have come to recognise what is at stake: the eternal destiny of an unsaved loved one; the success of an urgent endeavour; the life of a sick one; the honour of the name of God; advancing the Kingdom of God.

Your joy may be right around the corner. 

Often, when the issue is prayed through and the tears are finished there is a lifting of any sadness and instead there is relief and a spirit of joy. When we have a strong and unusual burden accompanied by anguished tears, travail may be at work.

One who has experienced travail has experienced a deep connection to God’s heart. We feel what God feels and knows that He is a God of very intense emotions. Should this type of prayer come knocking at your door, will you open the door wide?

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