Served its purpose


This weekend just past our family shifted to a new house. A place with a wonderful outlook into the Hauraki Gulf, looking north. We are being blessed each morning as the sun breaks through the dawn and reveals a tapestry of God glorious presence through creation.

During the process of this shift, I have learned that my previous season, has served its purpose. Its purpose was to light a fire in my soul for what I am passionate about. It was a jump start on my battery that I could takeover and keep charged myself, just by me being me. Let me share what was fanned into flame:

  1. My personal walk with God. He did this in such a beautiful way by taking my love for coastal walking and I became his walking partner. The analogy of walking is shown right through Scripture, and from the beginning of this time God revealed to me that He wanted a walking partner. I learnt how to walk, how to listen, how to commune with God at a deeper level.

I studied Enoch, who was the first person in the Bible to walk with God. ‘After he became the father of Methuselah, Enoch walked faithfully with God 300 years and had other sons and daughters. Altogether, Enoch lived a total of 365 years. Enoch walked faithfully with God then he was no more, because God took him away’. – Genesis 5:22-24 NIV

Men began to call upon the name of the Lord in the early days (Genesis 4:26), Enoch was the first man to uncover the true delight of walking with God. He found something even Adam didn’t experience. He pressed into God until he learned how to commune with God through every facet of life.

To find that dimension of relationship certainly required an intense spiritual pursuit, and then when he found it the Lord made a graphic statement by taking Enoch up to glory. Imagine being Enoch and living 365 years—and having this growing relationship with God! One can only wonder what glorious depths of intimacy Enoch uncovered.

The secret I learnt from my walking with God involves communion with God. It involves me speaking with God by means of prayer and God also demands listening to God by meditating on His revealed Word and will. A Christian cannot walk with God unless he is faithful in prayer and diligent in the reading of God’s Word.

  1. My calling to the ministry of advancing the kingdom of God. My fire for ministry was rekindled, in a new and unexpected way that continues to challenge and excite me each day. After many years in public ministry God has provided a servant ministry role in private ministry where I have been able to use the skills, abilities and giftings that God graciously bestowed upon me and honed during my years of ministry.

The secret I learnt is that my passion for His kingdom must burn within me constantly wherever God choses to direct my ministry, not from the praise of men, but to see His kingdom advance to people of all nations.

  1. An opportunity to see lives and community transformed. During this intense season of walking the Lord stopped me one day and impressed upon my heart a suburb on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. It was a clear, concise and articulate word from the Lord. I have been reminded since the shift that the house we are now living in and the area God has placed on my heart is the same area. In fact, it is right at the street that was revealed to me and that I had shared with others. While I don’t know how it will unfold I realise that God has created an opportunity to transform people’s lives and community. What a privilege to be walking with God obeying His plan for my life.

The secret I learnt is that God is still in the ministry of transformation and he has enlisted me to enjoy that relationship as He and I walk together to see lives and communities changed.

I am thankful for the influences and sparks that come into my life to help me along the way. But in the end, it’s all up to me to do something with these things. When my previous season has served its purpose I need to move forward in a different direction, there’s no use fighting it.

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