Hidden in the shadow of the Almighty

I have been intrigued with the concept of the secret place of the Most High for a long time. For me it has become the most important place in developing my ongoing relationship with God.Psalm 91

Psalm 91:1 give the best illustration of the value of a secret place: “He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (KJV). God has a secret hiding place, and He invites each of us to join Him there. It can only be enjoyed when we enter His secret place.

The term, “the secret place,” in Hebrew means exactly that: A hidden or secret place. So right away I became rather curious of what God had put before me. First thing that puzzled me was that “secret place”… Where is it? What helped me understand was that the entry into that secret place in God can be a different place every day and different for each person. It is finding that place in God where everything is at peace. It is not an absence of problems or trials. It is just that place where I could fix my eyes on Him.  With this helpful understanding I explored further and discovered that God reveals much detail about His secret place.

Here God gave me a glimpse into what I must do to experience the presence of God.

  • The secret place actually belongs to God – it is, “the secret place of the Most High.” So this is a good place. But it also indicates that this, “secret place,” is not evident. The term itself makes that impossible – it would not be a secret place if it were out in the open or evident. So this secret place must be a place that cannot be easily seen, if seen at all, with my eyes.
  • The secret place is my oneness in Spirit with God through Jesus Christ. That is the core of it – although it certainly is true that there are many applications that branch out from there. The reason this is called, “the secret place,” is because we cannot see it. It is not of the natural senses. Yet it is the most real, “place,” imaginable.
  • The secret place is not known to everybody and is not a place for everybody to be. Secret means it may be hard to find, it may be in a place difficult to get too, but it is for everybody who may desire to locate it. This secret place is somewhere close to the Most High, the Almighty.
  • It is a place I must dwell – in other words, He does not invite us to visit. The promise is to those who “dwell” there. To “dwell” means we live there. It becomes our address. God invites us to pack up and move to His secret place. I have to be willing to quiet my heart before Him and allow Him to investigate those inner thoughts I reveal to no one else. Secret places imply honesty and trust. I cannot join God in His secret place unless I am willing to be transparent and honest with Him.
  • The secret place is not the destination; it is only the catalyst. It is designed of God to establish me in an intimate friendship with Him that is walked out through the course of my everyday life. The goal I’m after is an everyday walk of unbroken communion with our Lord and friend. Once I enter that dimension, God unfolds the secrets of his kingdom before me.
  • I leant that I must develop a secret history with God before he would give me a public history before people. Hidden in the secret place, I learnt what he’s looking for in friends, and I have tried to find out pleases him. This inner chamber with Him become my training ground for a life that is rooted and grounded in unfailing love.

But my biggest discovery is that if I live in this secret place of the Most High, I will also live under, “the shadow of the Almighty.” The two are synonymous. It was here that I experienced a season of beinghidden in the shadow’ while God perfected His ministry in me. It reminded me of a chorus I learnt many years ago

Standing somewhere in the shadows you’ll find Jesus,
He’s the One who always cares and understands.
Standing somewhere in the shadows you will find Him,
And you’ll know Him by the nail prints in His hands.

As one Christian author says: ‘Anyone who wants to be used of God will experience hidden years in the backside of the desert. During that time the Lord is polishing, sharpening and preparing us to fit into His bow, so at the right time, like “a polished shaft” He can launch us into fruitful service. The invisible years are years of serving, studying, being faithful in another person’s ministry and doing the behind-the-scenes work.’ This is so real for me in this season.

Hidden in the shadow of the Almighty, for me, is life in Christ – and it is fellowship in Him that I passionately pursue. “The shadow of the Almighty” is my place of protection. For me it is another way of describing the secret place of the Most High. That is where I love to dwell.

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