A Fork in the Road

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,” Robert Frost tells us in his poem “The Road Not Taken.” He took “the one less travelled by,” and that “made all the difference.”


Many times in my Christian walk, I have come to a place where I had to choose a direction to take, a fork in the roadWikipedia states that “a fork in the road is a metaphor, based on a literal expression, for a deciding moment in life or history when a major choice of options is required.”

You see, in life, I often find myself going down the right road, only to be met by a fork in the road.  Right or left?  Recently I faced by a fork in the road. To be honest, I had difficulty knowing which way to take. The difficulties that arose this time were different. I was challenged by a number of questions that I needed to consider and answer as the outcomes would impact the direction that my future travel would take me.

  • Am I currently doing anything that requires divine intervention?
  • Where in my community – or in the world – does the Lord want me to go, to see and participate in meeting physical and spiritual needs through Christ-centred ministries?
  • What is my responsibility for the poor?
  • How should I use the money that the Lord has entrusted to me as a steward?
  • What does God expect of me in my claim to follow Him?

Very quickly I knew that these decisions required insights and wisdom beyond my own. As I waited on these things I sensed the Lord say: “God uses His broken and imperfect people to challenge and inspire others. He uses my mistakes and my victories to shine a light on the path so others might follow.”

With this comfort the Lord gently lead me to consider the Scripture promise He had given me for this season. Now it came into a sharp focus: ‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose’ – Romans 8:28.

In His gracious and loving way, the Lord provided me with this interpretation: It is simply saying that the things that happen to me are God’s answer to the silent yearnings of the Spirit within me – not some things that happen to me, but everything that happens to me, whatever it may be! It is God’s way of meeting the cry of the Spirit within to lead me into a deeper and a more wonderful experience of God’s grace, God’s glory and God’s person.

The Lord was speaking to me of everything that happens in my life. One of the wonderful things about walking with Jesus Christ is the many delightful surprises that lie along the way. He often has happy little incidents that take place:

He continued: This is My goal for you: To pursue the intimacy with Christ and eternal reward. Set your earthly goals on heavenly gains. This great task of pursuing intimacy with Jesus Christ is the goal that I have in mind for you is to make you like Christ – not to look like him, but to be like him this is the glory and beauty of God’s work.

The fork in the road wasn’t saying that I was on the wrong road – no – First, choose to forget what lies behind. Past successes are just that—PAST. Second, choose to reach forward to what lies ahead.

When I got to this fork in the road I realised God doesn’t care which direction I choose, or any host of other strange turns, because I knew for certain – God is working everything together for good. When you focus on Jesus, He tends to grant you His grace in every area of your life. It’s all about putting first things first. Set your earthly goals on heavenly gains.

As I reflected on these thoughts this past week, I asked myself two important questions:

  1. Who am I following? There needs to be other Christian’s in my life further along than me who I can imitate. This is how I will mature in Christ.
  2. Who is following me? Am I able to say to my spouse, my children and fellow Christians, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ?” I hope so. This is critical. On average we have a sphere of influence of 250 people … some less, some more. This means that God likely desires me to impact and influence far more people than I currently am. How am I to fulfil the influence that God has given me?

I came and stilled my heart before the Lord and He introduced a song to me that I have never heard before.

Lord, You love me so immensely.

I would love You more intensely.

Every day and every moment,

O Lord, capture me.

Let my goal and my life’s theme be,

Lord, to love You most supremely

With all my heart, Lord Jesus,

Keep me faithful unto Thee.

Draw me, Lord, each day.

Take my veils away.

With a pure heart will I see You,

Lord I just love You.

Nothing else I seek,

No one else for me.

I would fully and absolutely

Give my whole being unto Thee.

I knew I was on the right road.

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