A Seamless Lifestyle

It wasn’t until recently that I realised the obsession I have for living a seamless lifestyle. In fact, it has been an ongoing quest for a number of years. I claim not to be a master, but merely an apprentice. And that is why I have set out to write this thought stream. To explore the idea of a seamless lifestyle as Kingdom People.

There are several definitions of the seamless lifestyle, but my quest is all about function (an activity that is natural to or the purpose of a person).  Seamless to me is simply pursuing a lifestyle that manifest the Kingdom of God in every space of my life.  The seamless lifestyle includes the work space, the recreational space, the relationship space, the spiritual place, the financial space, the future space.  Whatever space we can think of, or whatever we want to call it, seamless living is exactly that.  – LIVE SEAMLESSLY – The transition from one space to the next without effort.

So what might that look like for Kingdom People?

There is a profound and essential transformation that takes place in us as we develop a life that is ruled by the Kingdom of God – a Kingdom Lifestyle.

It is interesting to note that Jesus’ inaugural message was very pointed about one thing: ‘The time has come,’ He said. ‘The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!’ – Mark 1:15. The implication of this statement is that there was a time line of Kingdom manifestation and its appearance was the good news, or the Gospel. For me it suggests that the kingdom of God comes whenever people embrace God as King of their lives. We become Kingdom People

Therefore, as kingdom people we live the values of the kingdom and talk about our worthy King all the time. Rarely then should we give a thought as to which one is more important, because both are a part of being a citizen of the kingdom. When the King has dominion over us, it affects everything about us; our thinking, our health, our families and relationships, our careers, and ultimately our destiny.  It gives us a new purpose in life and the power to carry it out.  We can actually begin to experience life, “on earth as it is in heaven”

It is wonderful to know that God has chosen to manifest His kingdom plan today through his church. But for me, the greater wonder is to grasp that we, not buildings or organizations, are the church commissioned to demonstrate His kingdom. It is also a very personal thing!

And this is the great paradox that we face – an overlap of kingdoms

Those who have come to Jesus in faith have become citizens of the coming kingdom, here and now. The kingdom, though not yet perfectly established on earth, reigns in their hearts. And because they claim to be subjects of King Jesus, it is their privilege and responsibility to live out the values of the king who reigns in their hearts.

Kingdom people, therefore should live a seamless lifestyle that proclaims what Christ has done from them and demonstrates the values of the kingdom in their lives, all without so much as a thought that one or the other is first or most important. Both should ooze from their lives all the time.

More specifically, because the kingdom is already, everything we do must reflect kingdom values. We should seek to fulfil the Great Commandment to love our neighbour as ourselves in all our actions to those around us. This could include feeding the hungry, healing the sick, helping the poor break free from their poverty, and working to see righteousness, peace and justice – the values of the coming kingdom – prevail on earth.

But because the kingdom is not yet, because the fullness of God’s shalom will only be enjoyed by those who enter his coming kingdom, we should seek to fulfil the Great Commission. We should be talking about the great glory of our coming king and the blessings of his coming kingdom all the time. We should be inviting those around us to enter into and enjoy those blessings. One of the main messages of the Sermon on the Mount is that we are blessed (i.e. we enjoy a taste of God’s eternal favour, a taste of his coming kingdom) here and now as we act as kingdom people. We should be demonstrating to the world the lifestyle of the kingdom He has already given to us.

Finally, while we have been invited and placed into His kingdom, we have not received all there is in the kingdom. In fact, we are in a process of regularly receiving more of the kingdom until that final day when He returns and His kingdom will be fully manifest. The writer of Hebrews tells us we are in the process of receiving a kingdom: “Therefore, since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude, and offer to God pleasing service and acceptable worship with reverence and awe” Hebrews 12:28

My obsession is to fully live this seamless lifestyle – that’s why it’s a quest. And believe me, it is an eternal quest.

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