The Outpouring of Fresh Oil

Through the years of my journey to know the Lord, I realised there have been many stages of knowing Him, stages no different than getting to know any other person. 15 years ago, I was given a prophetic word. Part of it I share below

There is a new sound. Do not look back to the old, but let me give you the new anointing in your prayers for the outpouring of fresh oil upon the church.

I sensed at the time that it was a word for myself and future ministry. I also struggled to understand its full meaning, so I wrote in my journal and kept it in my heart.

Early in 2015, the Lord revealed again and reminded me of the prophecy. He started talking to me about the secret place. My passion had always been God’s Presence, and the secret place was always precious to me. But this time He took me deeper into a season of breakout and breakthrough. I saw a new picture in my spirit: I would go into my ‘room’ and shut the door, and then I came to the door of heaven in prayer. I went through that door into the secret place, where I enjoyed personal and intimate communion with God. This was His oil of intimacy being poured out over me.

It became more than a one-time moment. It has become a glorious season of strong prayer as I began to comprehend and appreciate His promise given all those year ago. Something new is being poured out in this season from the presence of the Lord. I see a new outpouring of fresh oil that will bring a new wave of God’s joy! We’re not waiting on God. God is waiting on us. We need to sit at His feet for His fresh outpouring.

Fresh Oil is my response to His promise. It combines my love for His presence with a desire to see people grow, change, and come to maturity.

The Word of God declares……..

‘But my horn You have exalted like a wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil’ – Psalm 92:10 NKJV.

Let me take a moment to look at three words in the verse that have given me great inspiration and is my focus:

Fresh – This word means not stale, a new outpouring of His grace, something not past its best, new to one’s experience, renewed vigour, or something not previously known or experienced.

Oil – This word is generally representative of God’s Spirit and His grace. Oil gives us the ability to move on with God and walk in the new wine of His Spirit. A newness that cannot continue in the old form.

Anointing – To anoint is to rub in, smear, or pour on. It becomes like the fresh oil of God’s presence and anoints us to live out of this presence. Oral Roberts once related that the anointing is a Divine energy that empties you of yourself and fills you with the presence of God so much that when you speak, it is like God speaking and when you act it is like God acting. Wow! It is empowerment from God. The anointing is God’s ability. It is my ability (authority) to use God’s ability to meet any need. It is the burden removing, yoke-destroying power of God.

Fresh Oil represents the new anointing in our lives. 

I love that!  As believers, we don’t have to live in yesterday’s anointing. Today… as we steadfastly look to Him, He will abundantly pour His fresh oil upon us!  Our God is all about “fresh and new” – no yesterday’s “leftovers”.  Each day we’ll discover a new day filled with new love, new mercy, new grace, new hope and new strength and a fresh new anointing as we seek Him and His presence!

Wow!  As we daily seek Him, He will abundantly pour upon us newness and rich growth. I don’t know about you, but I need His fresh oil anointing, every moment of everyday!  We need to run into His presence and receive His unfailing love and protection, comfort, and fresh oil anointing!

He longs to pour the fullness of His anointing upon His children – And the results?  We will flow into His richness, always new and fresh anointing and break forth, extend our wings, spring up and soar with Him!  This is all about His Glory!!

My prayer is that you will rise up, advance and take full possession of what is being offered to you in this season. The oil of intimacy is producing a new power for an anointing of fresh oil.

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