Beaten – Our Finest Quality

It all began with a deep and personal work in my spirit. I had to submit to the refining processes of the Lord if I was to “wear” His anointing successfully. Little did I know that the season of preparation would require a crushing and breaking for His designated purpose. Along the way, and now, over two years later the promise God planted in my heart provided the opportunity for an anointing of fresh oil of the Holy Spirit into His new wineskin. It made way for God’s transformation power.

This new oil, crushed by the fingers of God has refined, purified and prepared me for this new season. Fresh oil represents a new anointing in my life.  It gives me the ability to move on with God and walk in the new wine of His Spirit. It was a newness that could not continue in the old form.

My experience I discovered is called “beaten.” The oil of the best kind, because it was obtained by gently pounding the olives in a mortar or mill without the olive treeapplication of heat. Olive oil comes from the olive fruit. But when you press the fruit real hard, you won’t find oil, only a white sap. Also, the fruit tastes very bitter. To get the oil, the fruit and its seed have to be crushed by a great weight in an olive press. The crushing also removes the bitterness. The finest oil is now thus obtained from young fruit freshly gathered.

‘Beaten’ oil is the oil of finest quality

And Jesus gives us the most vivid reality of ‘beaten’ oil

It was in the Garden of Gethsemane that the coming events suddenly overtook Jesus. The Garden of Gethsemane was in reality an olive orchard, and the word, “Gethsemane,” means “oil press.” Part of the agony of Jesus was due to the knowledge that he was facing an unimaginable experience on the cross that involved an extremely painful and humiliating form of death. The general population believed that anyone who was crucified was cursed. The most horrible “pressing upon” that Jesus’ experienced, of course, was the oppressive feeling of bearing the weight of all human sin and separation from his Father.

This ”pressing upon” in which oil is used for healing, continued as Jesus was brought from Gethsemane to trial. Jesus is generally quiet, does not mount a defense, and rarely responds to the accusations, but is condemned by the Jewish authorities when he will not deny that he is the Son of God. At the end of this hearing some members of the Sanhedrin, showed their contempt and anger by spitting at Jesus and striking him. Encouraged by these actions, the soldiers began the mistreatment that would culminate in the horror of crucifixion. Their behaviour shows the brutal nature of law enforcement at that time. ‘But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed’ (Isaiah 53:5 NKJV).

The final “pressing upon” in which the oil is used for cleansing, happened at the cross. Jesus was crushed under the fiery indignation of a holy righteous God, suffering the judgement and penalties for our sins. His blood cleansed us of our sins. And it is not until we truly perceive the unrivalled power of the Spirit in us that we understand the meaning of 1 John 1:7, which says, ‘…the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us [me] from all sin.’ This verse refers to the tremendously profound understanding of sin which only the Holy Spirit in me can accomplish.

Pure olive oil beaten – The oil is the best kind

As I pondered this thought I wrote this prayer –

Father God, I come before you with a heart and soul that is beginning to understand how we need to be crushed and beaten by You pressing upon us to mould us into the person you created us to be.

The person who lives in intimate relationship with You, and has that daily releasing of fresh oil dripping from our hands to reach a broken world.

What a privilege

What an honour

To be crushed by the hand of God so that the reflection of Jesus can be seen in us and lived under the power of Your anointing.’


This is my prayer for each person who reads this

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