Deeper for His Purpose

‘There is a new sound in Heaven. Do not look back to the old, but let me give you the new anointing in your prayers for the outpouring of fresh oil upon the church.’ Prophetic Word I received 15 years ago

In recent months, these familiar words have repeatedly came to my mind from several avenues. They drew me into a depth with God I had not experienced before.

God had been showing me that depth is very important to Him. Going deeper is what this season has been all about. Let me say that it is not always easy or fun. Actually, it’s been quite difficult, especially when at first, I really did not know what God was doing. Only His call from the depths can provoke a response from the depths

The word “deep” means “extending far down from the top or surface., profound, opposed to shallow, piercing a great way, not superficial or obvious, hidden, secret, heartfelt, intricate.” God wanted to take me far below the surface in my relationship with Himself. A relationship that was not to be superficial – but heartfelt, hidden, and of great depth.

As I progressed deeper, I looked for the alignments that produced fresh oil and heavenly residue.

In this blog, I will try to articulate God’s promises for me, in the hope that you will also be encouraged to go deeper for His purpose.

When God promised a new anointing in my prayers, he shared a glimpse of His purpose: “You need a new anointing. Empty yourself of old habits, memories and expectations. This anointing will be for a new day and more effective work. My anointing is deep within you.  Deep is calling out to this deep anointing. There are new sounds of joy that I am ready to bring out of you.  Quit warring with the same sounds and weapons that you have been using. Let Me draw new sounds and develop new weapons from you.”

At the same time the words FRESH OIL flashed like neon on a dark street, urgent and inviting as He continued impressing upon me in regard to the outpouring of fresh oil upon the body of Christ. “You need to be filled with fresh oil. There is oil down deep within you that I desire to bring to the surface.  You’ve been asking Me for oil in the natural and it’s in you that I’m longing to go deep. Let Me penetrate deeply so My oil well in you will bubble up. I am sending a drill that is going down deep within.”

I thought to myself: “Haven’t I gone deep enough? Do You still want me to go deeper?”

That is exactly what He wanted. “Lord, isn’t it about time that I tdeep-waterake action? I’ve been waiting a long time.” But I have come to realise the strength that is needed in the foundation of my life have to be strong so that no attack from the enemy can breach my firm trust in the Lord.

So, I’m cultivating that deep, alone time with God and making it a holy aloneness. Nothing shallow can ever touch the depths, nor can anything superficial touch the inward parts. Only the deep will respond to the deep. Anything that does not issue from the depths cannot touch the depths. The great biblical characters like Job, Paul, John, and even Jesus had to learn this lesson.

God wants to take each one of us deeper still—deeper than we have ever been before. And this requires an invitation to times of aloneness.

He is inviting you deeper for His purpose. He has great plans to use you in the coming days. You must not bypass this most important season in your life.

Your depth with God now is of utmost importance. He knows what is needed. He is working intricately with your life. He is deep, and He is inviting you to go deeper into His heart. He knows how strong the winds will be howling. He is very purposeful in what He is presently developing in your life.

There is a place of deep anointing, deep presence, and deep intimacy with God Almighty where “deep calls to deep” or spirit calls unto spirit. It is a place that is so pure that every part of your being is consumed by the presence of Almighty God; a deep place where there is perfect communion between your spirit and every dimension of God’s presence. Your soul is stirred and there is a breakthrough in the spirit as “Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.” (Psalm 42:7).

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