The Tabernacle had but one door

“I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.” (John 10:9)

As mentioned in previous blogs, the tabernacle model of prayer totally inspires my relationship with God. For me I have found great significance in the doors of the tabernacle as they have allowed me to journey intentionally towards the throne of God. Each entrance in the Tabernacle, the gate, the door, the veil, represented stages in me approaching God.

Let’s walk through the GATE

There was only one gate by which people could enter into the tabernacle courtyard. It was located directly in the centre of the outer court on the east end. The gate was covered by a screen made of finely twisted linen in blue, purple, scarlet and white.

If you were to walk around the outside of the tabernacle site, you would see only the exterior linen curtain that would bring you to the only gate, the only entrance, into the tabernacle. There was just one gate to the tabernacle. There was no other way to get into the structure other than through that one gate.

This screen with its blend of white, blue, purple and scarlet was identical to that hanging at the entrance to the tabernacle building. But it was very different from the white linen fence, which went around the entire courtyard. Think of the beauty that would meet the eye of the Israelite as he approached the gate of the Tabernacle. The bright rays of the sun would be shining upon the four colours of the gate.

This was the one and only way by which men and women could draw near to God. It was the single entrance to the entire tabernacle. There was no other way in. Whether they were the priest going to carry out his duties or a sinner seeking forgiveness, they had to enter by that one way. No one could enter by any other way except this gate.

The Gate was always open, never barred, with no one to forbid a person who wanted to worship God. But one must make a personal decision to enter if they were to receive.

The pattern of the tabernacle shown to Moses went well beyond mere ceremonial function; its deeper intent was to reveal the character of God and of man, and to picture the means of man’s reconciliation with God.


The one gate, and screen in front of the gate, was held up by four pillars. The screen which was in front of the gate had four colours: blue, purple, scarlet, and white. The four pillars of the gate into the tabernacle courtyard and the four colours of its screens also refer to the four Gospel writers with their four unique messages.

The four colours of the gate screens leading to the tabernacle tell us more about Jesus.

BLUE: The colour of heaven and of divinity speaks of Jesus as the son of God. John portrays Jesus as the Son of God.

PURPLE: The colour of kings speaks of Jesus as the King of kings. Descended from the line of David, Jesus is the nation of Israel’s promised messiah and King. Matthew portrays Jesus as our King and writes about His Kingdom.

SCARLET: The scarlet threads interwoven throughout the screen speak of the blood of Jesus who came as our Redeemer to die and to shed His blood for our redemption. Mark portrays Jesus as full of Good Deeds, our Saviour.

WHITE: The gate was made of fine white linen. White – The colour associated with purity and speaks of the holy character of Jesus. In Luke, Jesus is portrayed as the Holy Son of Man.

Go through each of the Gospels sometime.  Look at the beautifully woven tapestry of the Blue, Purple, Scarlet, the White.  Trace the colours for yourself.

See the WHITE as the Man, sound asleep in the boat awoken to the cries of His disciples.  See the power and majesty of the BLUE as He commands the wind and waves to be still with a word: SHALOM!

See the SCARLET of our divine servant, the One who suffered all for our sakes. See the PURPLE as The King who sat down on the mount to teach the people as One having authority. See the King who rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

The gate is a beautiful picture of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. There is an attractiveness in the Lord Jesus for those who have eyes to see.

The entrance into the Courts of the Lord is not complicated. This Gate is open to everyone who desires to come to the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

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