Come Away!

“Now God has revealed these things to us by the Spirit, for the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.” (1 Corinthians 2:10 HCSB)

For a while now I have felt a very strong stirring to come away and be separated so that the Lord can speak to me. The Lord has heightened His call to withdraw into the secret place more than ever. It is a call to linger with Him more than ever before. I believe that we are moving into a completely new season in time, unlike any other, and the Lord has invited us each from the heart of God, for all to “come away” and go to a deeper place.

As I pondered this thought, the Lord gave me a strong picture of an abandoned mine. It was surrounded by debris which had closed access to it. Previously it was a thriving powerful expression where men would go deep in the earth to claim the treasures and resources. But now, abandoned, and of very little, if any use at all.

The Lord began removing the clutter and debris from the front of mine. “This is what I want to do in our lives,” I sensed Him saying. He continued, “I am removing the confusion and bringing to the surface the deep things of persons heart. I want to share more of My heart for what I am about to do. In this season I, the Lord, am going deep into the hearts of My people.”

This revelation did not surprise me as I have sensed for a while the Lord’s heart yearning for believers to go deeper than they have ever been, to ‘draw away.’ But this time there was a fresh intensity in His voice. A holy fire burning, purifying and refining His people. There is a divine energy, a divine infilling, a divine adjustment, a divine increase that the Lord is wanting to release to the body of Christ. It is an encounter with His heart and His Glory unlike anything they had ever experienced.

As the debris was cleared I started an inward journey deeper into my soul toward the very centre, to the very place where God dwells. One of the great “mysteries” in my faith journey is the truth that the infinite Creator God can abide within the soul of His greatest creation, His people.

There are secrets of His heart that He wants to release right now that are deeper than He has ever shared, but He is looking for those who will draw away and go deeper. He is looking for those without agenda. He is looking for those who will minister to Him. He is looking for those who care not about how much favour they have, He is looking for those who want to be His friend.

In that moment He gave me these beautiful words as a prayer and promise:

“I have done my best to be blameless and to follow His ways, keeping my heart pure, I have kept my integrity by surrendering to Him and so the Lord has rewarded me with His blessing. This is the treasure I have discovered when I kept my heart clean before His eyes.” (Psalm 18:23-24 – The Passion Translation)

As I remained close, God’s drew His finest oil from my soul and slowly allowed it to penetrate every area of my life, from the depth of my heart and soul that permeates the fragrance of Christ. He allows me daily to draw upon the fresh oil that is available.

This revelation and His Word confirms confidently in my very being, that time spent in the secret place is paramount before any outpouring can happen. As the oil outpours from deep within my heart, it pours out into my lamp, where with God’s light I am called to shine to the world. As His Word says, “I am the light of the world.” I need to shine from what is deep within that He might see fit to place my lamp on a lampstand and make the simplicity and purity of my devotion as example to the greater household of faith.

This is only the beginning. I believe there is going to be deeper revelation as the Lord heals our hearts. I have seen many standing, weeping and in that moment the cycle of unrelenting disappointment and doubt is broken by God’ love, anything good was suddenly healed!

Friends, I encourage you to write down all He is showing you, all He is saying right now. Keep an account of all He is saying because out of that account I see a whole new depth of knowing Him and encountering Him, His heart and nature like never before.

Come Away

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