The Perfect Day

I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am Philippians 4:11 HCSB

The principle of minimal disruption is the idea that, when changing a habit, we should change it as little as necessary in order to achieve the desired result. The reason is that it is easier to make small habit changes than it is to make drastic ones.

For me this year, instead of any major overhaul in my spiritual discipline, has been one of minimal adjustments in drawing me closer to God. It has made the transition a smooth and easy process as it became all about God’s holistic plan for my life.

Walking with God in 2017 has yielded a different relationship, an offering of more intrinsic satisfaction than in other years. It has been less disruptive than other years.

The Perfect Day

Drawing closer to God became my daily habit. And it didn’t seem daunting at all as I pursued a workable routine that simply repeats and builds on the previous day. Of course, that does not mean that I did exactly the same every day, but by mapping out an optimal day for myself I found a rhythm that worked well for me. I call this “the Perfect Day.”

An example of a Perfect Day

Current Routine

Things to Improve Features to Retain

Perfect Day

Begin the Day with God To listen to the Lord more attentively during this time I get up early each day and spend my first waking moments with the Lord – prayer, Bible reading and devotional To begin the Day with God is my non-negotiable. I daily offer sacrifice anew, for the whole day through
Walking through the Day with God To be conscience of the Lord’s presence during the day I have the privilege to walk home each day from work and have a conversation with God in his creation, a place of pure joy To become God’s walking partner is my desire. From the beginning, God has wanted a walking partner.
Light of the World To be aware of the opportunities the Lord presents each day to plant salvation in the soil of people’s hearts Open doors that are always available as I look and listen for opportunities for salvation conversations My role is to keep the lamp burning with the finest oil so that others can see the light.
Kingdom Praying To become more specific when praying for God’s kingdom Have established 7-day plan that focuses each day on one area of His kingdom To pray for things on the heart of Jesus and ask God to bring Heaven here to earth
Worship To be more intentional in making time each day for worship Worship – just me and God – allowing a time of soaking The simple act of expressing to the Lord the gift of my Love
End the Day with God To discipline myself so that I am not too weary to enjoy God’s closing thoughts to me through the Psalms Read a Psalm every night and read a chapter of many other good books To read many good books, but live in the Bible –  Charles Spurgeon.

Here are simple ideas to keep in mind

Practice makes habit. Recognise that the purpose of the Perfect Day is not for it to be framed, hung on the wall, and admired. Its purpose is to be practiced. By writing down my prayers and thoughts I was able to pay special attention to my relationship with God and make any adjustments needed to ensure that I was feeling close to God throughout the day.

Prioritise. Don’t feel ashamed of repeating your Perfect Day, more or less exactly, day after day, in the beginning. Your top priority at this stage is to embed new habits, and the less variations, the more quickly this process will move forward.

Mix it up. Variety is optimal. You can add variety with little effort. You can approach this process in a systematic way by trying something new each week and by choosing weekly you can add it to your routine with minimal disruption.

Keep an eye on the big picture. Never let yourself be tied down to your Perfect Day. None of the details are important. What is important is that you consistently meet God every day. The Perfect Day is nothing more than a tool that will help you gain momentum with these habits so that practicing becomes automatic, something that you do naturally without much thought.

Always remember that the habit of drawing closer to God is to allow God to bring transformation in your life. Adopting the Perfect Day is about replacing bad habits with good ones. Living the Perfect Day is about growing in good habits.

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