To Behold the Face of God

“When you pray, say: ‘Father, hallowed be Your name” Luke 11:2

In my last blog we observed something of the prayer life of Jesus, which undoubtedly was a large part of the motivation behind the request of the unnamed disciple “Lord, teach us to pray.” For Jesus, prayer was the most natural and necessary aspect of His existence. In answer to this request, Jesus gave what is popularly known as the Lord’s Prayer. In reality, it was the disciples’ prayer and provides us with a model or pattern for biblical and effective prayer.

This is an excellent passage of Scripture in teaching all believers about prayer. Now I’m not going to unpack this prayer in any depth as there are many more experienced and qualified than me that have already so beautifully expounded on this passage, I can only marvel at their insight.

I want to take these few simple words from Luke 11:2, “Father, hallowed be Your name.” It became my focus on the Who and What of God – God’s person, plan, principles, promises, and purposes. This kind of praying glorifies God and validates our desire for relationship with God, along with obedience. It is comforting to my heart because it brings God into my vision along with His purposes. When we fix our attention on the face of God without considering, reasoning, without need of proofs to be convinced of anything, this is a higher prayer.

The word “Father” Jesus uses in Luke 11:2 is a term of honour or reverence and relationship. Coming to God in prayer as “Father” demonstrates:

  1. our attitude toward God as one of honour, respect, and trust, and
  2. our understanding of the relationship we have with Him as a child;
  3. our God as father is the kind of God who cares for us as only as a parent can care for a child.

The word “Father” draws our attention to the nature of our relationship with God as a result of the new birth and our access to God through the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A book that helped me immensely to understand what it meant to hallow the name of God was Larry Lea “Could you not Tarry for One Hour.” An old book now but in that season, when I read it, changed my whole prayer journey, even to this day.

There is a view of God in which reason, meditation and thought do not play a large part. In the first kind of prayer, one thinks upon God, in the other, one beholds Him. The second is a purer practice. Through this practice I learnt to call Him Father.

With direct reference from “The Lord’s Prayer Outline from Larry Lea’s “Could You Not Tarry?” let’s take a moment to behold the nature and character of God.


  1. Praise God for Who He is and for what He has done for us.
  2. Hallow the names of God corresponding to the benefi­ts in the new covenant.
  3. In faith; declare, that God is your provision in these areas:
SIN – forgiveness of sin JEHOVAH-TSIDKENU “Jehovah our righteousness”
JEVHOAH-M’KA­DDESH “Jehovah Who sanctifies”
SPIRIT-fullness of the Holy Spirit JEHOVAH-SHALOM “Jehovah is our peace”
JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH “Jehovah is there”
SOUNDNESS – health and healing JEHOVAH-ROPHE “Jehovah heals”
SUCCESS – freedom from the curse of the law JEHOVAH-JIREH “Jehovah’s provision shall be seen”
SECURITY – freedom from the fear of death and hell JEHOVAH-NISSI “Jehovah my banner”
JEHOVAH – ROHI “Jehovah my Shepherd”

What began to happen was that as I read and mediated on God’s Word the names of Jehovah began to reveal God character through the pages of Scripture and the Bible became fresh and real as took the time to behold the face of God.

To hallow God’s name is turn my life over to Him for sanctification, opening up my life and all its closets to His work of making me like His Son. Surely this is to be a prayer of surrender and commitment for all who believe in Jesus and call Him Saviour.

A simple vision of God, seeing Him and loving Him. This is a more meaningful prayer.

My mind is calm in the Divine presence. Everything within me is collected, centred and fixed wholly on Him.

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