Our Oil – Our Responsibility

You shall command the people of Israel that they bring to you pure beaten olive oil for the light, that a lamp may regularly be set up to burn.’ Exodus 27:20 ESV

Too many of us want the process of change without the process of pain. Accepting this enables God to create deeper revelations from the depth of our inner being.

Crushed, pressed and beaten! Not words that immediately suggest an enjoyable experience, but for me these are the words that describe my current season of my inwards path to God. While there have been some harsh realities discovered and difficulties experienced, the time has afforded me great contentment and enhanced the contemplative call upon my life.

God has been using images of olive tree, olives and pure fresh oil produced once beaten and crushed to give me a very powerful understanding of what the Lord has been doing in my life. To this end it is the Lord that receives all the honour and glory.

The crushing work, that initially I thought would damage me spiritually now provides hope for the future when ministry seemed impossible. It was the beginning of overhauling my whole Christian experience. These first steps did a deep and personal work in my spirit, heart and soul. ‘See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of afflictionIsaiah 48:10. Humbled before the Lord helped me regain my spiritual balance and perspective

I have been crushed, pressed and beaten many times, yet God’s promised from the beginning was that “He was keeping me for a particular time and that my motives must be 100% pure.” The Lord required an outpouring of fresh oil suitable for God’s designated purpose in my life.

Beaten olive oil were made by bruising the olives in a mortar or mill without heat, or when the olives fell from the tree, it was to go through the process of crushing four times before going through the mortar or the mill. This is to get the effects of pure, fresh oil. The process of bruising, crushing and straining the olives to get rid of the pulpy mass allows the fresh pure oil to be released from each pressure applied to the olive.the-oil-of-the-beaten-olives1

What is interesting for us. is that the beaten oil God requires for His lamp to shine on earth comes from us. In Exodus 27, the people were commanded to bring light already prepared to light the temple, olive beaten for light. God was looking to receive eternal light out of His people.

Sometimes God will allow us to go through a process repeatedly before He will accept our oil, a lot of times we want to rush out of what we’re going through. We have heard what God is doing and will do, but here we are still in trouble and didn’t hear for God. Could it be that He is not satisfied with the oil that has already been released and He is saying go back through the mill again until your motives are 100% pure?

the-oil-of-the-beaten-olives2I want to encourage you to go through the process of your crushing that may be before you. The oil that is invested in you will first heal you, then when you bring your pure, fresh, clear oil to the Lord, for His purpose, after been beaten for the light, others will find their way to you and that oil will help effectively heal others who are hurting like you.

We must be crushed, bruised and pressed in order to get all the pulpy mass (old sinful nature) out of us by being strained, separate from the pure oil that needs to be released for the purpose of the kingdom of God. God want to strain the old out of you and receive the pure you, no more I, but Christ.

It is very important that we complete the process God has put us on. Don’t be discouraged of this crushing place. After all, this place was prepared just for us for the purpose of the call on our life to impact the part of the world God has assigned us to. Everyone cannot go to the same place God is taking you.

The lamp in your life and ministry must be burning continually, no matter who left, or who came, keep burning. That is why it is important for those who are assigned to labour with you in your ministry for the kingdom of God must bring pure fresh oil, not flesh oil.

There are those who depend on you getting your destiny, it is not just for you, it is for many others. God needs your oil for the next season. It really is our responsibility.

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