Right Where I Belong

At various times and in different places in our life we identify as sacred. Such designations are a way of saying these times and places are different in an important and meaningful way. Psalm 84 invites readers to one of those special places and times in the life of faith where God’s presence is found to be […]

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Holy Aloneness

“Very much of a man’s true life must be lived alone; under no eye but the Father’s, with no companionship save that of the Son, and without guidance, or help, or teaching save from the Holy Spirit.” – Horatius Bonar God has been inviting me recently to learn the lessons of prayer. A lesson that […]

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A Person of One Thing

The LORD has many ways to bring us to proper priorities. For me He simply removed my ministry. Yet, when He removed it, I was granted the opportunity to find a new basis for relating to Him. As the LORD came to me He said, “I’m calling you back to your first love” (see Revelation […]

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Surprising Treasures

The Lord continues to speak to me from Isaiah 45. “I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name.’ Isaiah 45:3 AMPC This text for me is rich with meaning. […]

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A More Delightful Oil

“Let me give you a new anointing in your prayers.” Prophetic Word I received The revelation of these words began an intense and powerful new season in trying to understand “The Anointing.” For me, there had often being misconception of what it means to be anointed. I knew that God was promising a new anointing […]

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Deeper for His Purpose

‘There is a new sound in Heaven. Do not look back to the old, but let me give you the new anointing in your prayers for the outpouring of fresh oil upon the church.’ Prophetic Word I received 15 years ago In recent months, these familiar words have repeatedly came to my mind from several […]

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Beaten – Our Finest Quality

It all began with a deep and personal work in my spirit. I had to submit to the refining processes of the Lord if I was to “wear” His anointing successfully. Little did I know that the season of preparation would require a crushing and breaking for His designated purpose. Along the way, and now, […]

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