Disturbance of the Equilibrium

With you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light – Psalm 36:9 Everyone is unique. We all have distinctive personalities, diverse gifts, different values, particular beliefs – even among people who hold the same spiritual traditions. As a result of our diversity the inward call – that call or encounter with God […]

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The Place God Calls You

When doors began closing at the end of 2016, it signalled that a change was coming. For more than two years God has been doing something new in my life.  I didn’t know how it would play out, but I sensed there was a journey to take. As part of the journey I wanted to […]

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The Next Small Step

When I began writing my first blog I was in a time of transition, having resigned from a ministry position, without any idea of what lay ahead. For two years’ I have travelled along the road of transition, and all I knew to do was to take the next small step. All of us experience […]

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Our Perplexing Trial

At times I am bewildered over things that are taking place in my life. I have found this true in this current season. Much has been shared in previous blogs about the journey, but there has been this nagging in my spirit of what is God’s purpose for the next season. What this season has […]

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Transition means change

Recently I have been communicating with a couple of friends who are facing times of transition in their ministry. One has been in ministry for many years and have hit a roadblock. The other has been in ministry a short time, but circumstances have changed and is now looking for new doors of opportunity that […]

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