I Need You More

I need You more More than yesterday I need You Lord More than words can say I need You more Than ever before I need You Lord I need You Lord More than the air I breathe More than the song I sing More than the next heartbeat More than anything And Lord as time […]

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Walk with me awhile

In recent days I sensed that the presence of the Lord nudging me to draw aside. The Lord chose to appear, walking along beside me along the sea shore (my favourite walking place), inviting me to walk with him. Oh yes the dog was with me also. Oh the thrill, the anticipation of walking with […]

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WAIT! A new season

Waiting for God has always been difficult for God’s people. The Bible has many instances of people who have tried to take matters in their own hands as they grew tired of trusting God’s timing. However, the Bible has tremendous promises where God calls us to wait. ‘But those who wait for the Lord [who […]

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Prayer gently lifts me

Sometimes it in the simplicity that convey the true feelings of our heart. Prayer gently lifts me to highest Heaven. From earth’s confusion to Jesus’ breast; My sin and weakness, my doubt and sorrow, Are lost forever in sweetest rest. In this current season I begin my prayer time with the Lord whispering this chorus […]

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Make Me a House of Prayer

When you hear the phrase “house of prayer,” what do you think of? Over my many years of ministry I have wrestled with this dilemma. I do not hesitate to plead guilty to failing to make God’s house a house of prayer.  Attempts have been made, big pushes have been initiated, prayer meetings have been started, […]

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The Broken Preacher – 2

The rejection from those he loved wounded him deeply. Such rejection by those who I cared for and had ministered to did its crushing work, and by 2014 I was so damaged spiritually that any hope of future ministry seemed impossible. PREPARATION It was at this time in a very broken state that began a […]

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