You are an old wineskin

New wine must be poured into new wineskins (Luke 5:38) The Lord has many ways to bring us to proper priorities. In my case, He simply removed my ministry. But since He removed it, I have been granted many opportunities to learn valuable lessons. One lesson suggested was ‘new wine.’ But why wine? I asked. […]

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‘Behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.’ Matthew 28:20 ESV Behold – It’s a word that is a little archaic, but I wonder that as we journey with Christ, beholding may need to be reinstated in common everyday language, at least among Christians. It’s a word that for me has taken […]

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Only the Beginning

Years ago, I had an experience that set the course for my journey of passion – intimacy with God. I was soaking in the presence of the Lord one day, waiting on the Lord. Suddenly the whole atmosphere in the room changed and I was filled and overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. The Lord then […]

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WAIT! A new season

Waiting for God has always been difficult for God’s people. The Bible has many instances of people who have tried to take matters in their own hands as they grew tired of trusting God’s timing. However, the Bible has tremendous promises where God calls us to wait. ‘But those who wait for the Lord [who […]

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Transition means change

Recently I have been communicating with a couple of friends who are facing times of transition in their ministry. One has been in ministry for many years and have hit a roadblock. The other has been in ministry a short time, but circumstances have changed and is now looking for new doors of opportunity that […]

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