Laying the Foundation

Recently the Lord spoke an incredible word of encouragement into my heart. What made it so incredible was that it articulated what has been my guiding principle of my personal life and ministry for many years. Let me share it with you: The disciplined life in the secret place sets the foundation for effective ministry […]

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The Eyes of a Servant

Do you ever talk to yourself while engaging in a task and find that your dog is watching you closely, seemingly following every word? We have a Border Collie and often when I’m spending time with the Lord at the end of the day – reading or praying – he will come into the bedroom […]

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Becoming a Servant

As I reflected on this incredible challenge before me, I had no idea what special work God had for me. However the seeds of future change had been planted and I wondered, “What is God really trying to say to me?” The answer was immediate, “You have been called to be their servant.” But there […]

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